Warrant Officers 

Pay Grade Insignia Abbreviation NATO Code Title
O-1 ENS OF-1 Ensign
O-2 LTJG OF-2 "Lieutenant Junior Grade "
O-3 LT OF-3 Lieutenant
O-4 LCDR OF-4 Lieutenant Commander
O-5 CDR OF-5 Commander
O-6 CAPT OF-6 Captain
O-7 RDML OF-7 Rear Admiral (LH)
O-8 RADM OF-8 Rear Admiral (UH)
O-9 VADM OF-9 Vice Admiral
O-10 ADM OF-10 Admiral
Special FADM OF-11 Fleet Admiral

The rank Admiral of the Navy is considered in Naval tradition to be the equivalent of a six star Admiral. The rank has only been held by one person in history, George Dewey.

Navy Officers serve in either as a line officer (with a star above the stripes on the sleeve or shoulderboards), or in one of the eight staff corps:

  • Supply Corps (three gold oak leafs and three gold acorns)
  • Chaplain Corps (a gold Roman cross, crescent moon, law tablet, or prayer wheel, depending on the religion serviced)
  • Civil Engineer Corps (2 overlapped gold em­broidered sprigs of two live oak leaves, and a silver em­broidered acorn in each sprig)
  • Medical Corps (single gold oak leaf with a silver acorn in the center)
  • Medical Service Corps (single gold oakleaf on a slanted twig)
  • Dental Corps (single gold oak leaf with two silver acorns on the stem)
  • Nurse Corps (single gold oak leaf)
  • Judge Advocate General's Corps (mill rind with a curved oak leaf on both sides; limited duty JAG officers add a diagonal quill pen to the insignia)

The staff corps devices are also worn on the left collar of uniforms.

All Coast Guard officers are considered to be line officers, and the Navy star is replaced by the Coast Guard shield above the gold stipes on the sleeve or shoulderboards.